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Create betting account within 1 to 5 minutes

You can click on categoriesRegisterand follow the instructions. If you want to skip the register, the company will help your betting account after receiving the money. After a successful deposit, you chat with support staff or send a message to the operator01234 889 889 providing personal information: Full name – phone number – any deposit – account number received – Recharge time – online betting. Ví dụ :You name Cong Vinh, phone 0912345678loaded2 million into the company account 0781000381258 to create an account on the online betting ibet888 Send: congvinh 0912345678  two million 0781000381258 15h30 tao ibet888  gửi 0707889889 After 1 minute and 15 employees will complete and send the user account and password to register your phone number with the company.