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 If you already have a bank account, you should register more electronic banking services: sms banking, transfer internetbanking, dịch vụ Bank plus(funds transfer mobile phone)These services help you get into any transaction any time 24/24and7 dateduring the week, including weekends and holidays, you do not take time to bank services will automatically update right information to ĐTDĐ your account balance changes, giving you free cash in the banking system on whenever you want, just over 1 minute(all these services is simple, bankers will tell you first and only minutes after you have mastered use, cost package for all services not to 10.000vnđ/month) Casino889transactions through the accounts of all banks inVietNam, We therefore have a bank account together with your system, you can use InternetBanking move right on your computer or mobile phone and can be moved at any given date and time (24/7), includingholidays ,you just lost 1 to 5 minutes for this, if you have not yet registered service you can also transfer money via ATM, this way is very simple and fast. If you do not already have an account, you can go to the nearest bank to transfer money to us. If you find it difficult to call the switchboard (0707889889), staff Casino889 will help you all. Immediately banking system into our automatic updates and only the amount you send 5 minutes after the employee has completed open your betting account.  

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