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20% BONUS FOR PROMOTION OF NEW MEMBERS UP TO 8.889 million Casino889

This program is open to all members of the Casino889 new customers to sign up and receive promotion in the promotion period.

Casino889 promotion unconditional0,25% not limited to all members during participation, promotion is added directly to each customer’s betting code. 

For customers receive a commission agent largest current compared with all the others, 1.25% on the total amount of the transaction customers ( Com x 5)

Returning 5% on the total amount of lost customers Agents 1 month.
In addition to these promotions, the company was able to apply a lot of promotions posted above.



Terms & Terms

1. Promotion valid from 08/03/2017 until 08/04/2017 14:00 PM 10:59 AM (“Promotion Period” Vietnam time) Make the first deposit into the account of the play at Casino889.
2.    This program is open to all members of the Casino889 new customers to sign up and receive promotion in the promotion period.
3.    To participate, members must be at least 100.000vnd funds transfer (one hundred nghan copper). Each member receives a bonus only once (on any other account) and receive a maximum of 8.889 million usd ( eight million eight hundred and eighty-nine thousand USD)

4.   You need to go through wager 20 times before a withdrawal perform. Ex:

  • Loaded into the account = 1 million VND (one million)
  • Get 20% Bonus Promotions = 20% x 1 million = 200,000 vnd
  • Number Wager Requirement = (1000 + 200) x 20 = 24 million vnd

*All bets during poker games and will not be counted towards the minimum wager requirements.

If the total amount sent and promotions not achieve withdrawal request within 60 days, all bonuses and winnings will be void.

5.    Any bets available for both sides will not be included in this program.

6.    The General Regulations of the promotions are applied.

Dien participation bonus: free up to 8.889 million usd How to get 20% bonus participate? Please contact our support staff I Once we verify your request and bonuses will be loaded too. Bonuses must be requested before the gas you bet the first game. The terms and conditions: 20% Bonus to participate only for new members of Casino889.

Each member is only required to receive the reward only once. Total deposit and bonus 20 times to spin new withdrawal request.

For example: 1 million first deposit bonus of 20% = 200,000 usd usd.

Ask rotation = (1,000 + 200) x 20 = 24 million usd).

Any bets placed both doors will not be charged for the amount of spin. During the withdrawal request turnaround of less than 20 times the bonus and winnings will be canceled. All requests must be limited to receiving a free player account once for a personal, family, household address, email address, phone number, bank account number / e-wallet. The advantage of the bonus account will be canceled, all winnings are not counted.

The promotion applies only to members choose the equivalent of 40,000 to 50,000 points and VND100,000.

Thank you for participating in pro Casino889 wish you luck!