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Ibet889 is the leading website providing most of the casino games and sports betting, with the best service today, was established in May 2005 with headquarters in Union road Bonton, United Kingdom. August 2008 we opened a branch office in the most modern casino in Cambodia near the Moc Bai Tho Mo, Wood products, which borders Vietnam, Cambodia


Ibet889 offers online casino, games with a lot of games such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, all weapons … Roulette, number games, resource faint, stormed disk, Plot threads, raffle Vietnam, Thailand … with higher rate of eating outside. You will have a variety of options for “pre-trigger” point spread for each game that you are leaning towards the margin, plus the great support over the phone as well as online.

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Send money fast

Ibet889 account of all the banks, you just need to choose the bank for your system in order to facilitate the transaction, With Ibet889 you can load money withdrawn at any time 24/24, including the date off, you just take 1 minute to send money (Send via ATM, mobile phone or Internet Banking, this is very simple, the bank staff will help guide you the first time) and it only takes you 5 minutes when you withdraw money, if you do not have a bank account, you can go to the nearest bank to send money to us.

The most convenient registration

You do not need to take the time to provide personal information as complex as the others, with Ibet889 you can get immediate trial account posted on the website of the company to choose for your love online betting the most popular, if you want to participate please send your bet even money and notified in accordance with the instructions on the web http://www.ibet889.com only 1 to 5 minutes after Casino889 staff have created for your betting account .

The fastest payment

This is our strongest point without betting the company can achieve, withdrawal procedure is extremely simple, just compose a message from the mobile phone number that you have registered with the company required to withdraw money, and then sent to PBX 0812 889 889. Just 5 minutes after the money already in your account. You can request to send money, withdraw money at any time of the day and 7 days a week, Ibet889 staff strive accurately to the second to please you.

Environmental Safety and Privacy 

We respect the privacy of customers, all personal information of customers using 128 bit encryption technology by Thawte provide to ensure the security and privacy of data. We secure all your personal information and never share or sell your personal information to third parties for any condition.

Customer Care Excellence

Room service our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are always available to answer your questions and solve your problem quickly, politely and maximum efficiency.


Ibet889 Group this web site operator – www.ibet889.com

Our philosophy is to develop business through seeking to deliver the most comprehensive experience in the market for sports betting customers.

Headquarters: Union Road Bolton BL2 2DT United Kingdom 

Tel/ Fax:           +441 446 398 009

Website:           http://www.ibet889.com

Email:           [email protected] 

Branch Office of the Company:

Ibet889 Entertainment Group – Cambodia Branch

Location: Ibet889 Entertainment Group

Mailing address: IBET889 Entertainment Group – Bavet 20202 Cambodia

Phone: Việt nam +84 833 889 889

Campuchia +855 96440 1177