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1. Ability to apply Terms and Conditions
1.1 Clients are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions when choosing the “Agree” below and continue to access this site or another way to open an account with the Company or with the Company staked . By agreeing to the terms and conditions and / or by the use of continuous site, customers are bound by the terms and conditions, are bound by rules and regulations of the Company such as privacy policies are incorporated by reference into these terms and conditions. If there is any inconsistency between the terms and conditions of any documents that are incorporated as a reference, the terms and conditions will always prevail

1.2 The company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, rules and regulations, as well as security policies to match anytime, at any time without prior notice to Customer. However, the Company will seek to ensure that any significant changes to the terms and conditions, rules and regulations or privacy policies will be notified to the Customer by notice on the Site.

1.3 Customers are responsible for checking the terms and conditions periodically to ensure that the same customers continue to accept these terms and conditions. Customers should check the terms and conditions each time you use the Site (check can be done by clicking on the link Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations in the user menu) . The continuous use of this site shall be deemed Customer’s acceptance is unconditional and can not change to the terms and conditions, regulations and rules, privacy policy and any changes be done. All times bet received (but not accepted, recorded or resolved) before the modification of terms and conditions, regulations and rules take effect will be subject to the terms and conditions, regulations and current rules.

2.Statement of Client
2.1By accepting these terms and conditions, customer statements and certificates unconditional and can not be changed, and bound without any restrictions or limitations (depending on the circumstances) that Guest customers over 18 or over the age of consent surveillance law of the state, or older and have the intellectual capacity to take responsibility for their own actions and be bound by the terms and this condition. The company always has the right to void any transactions involving minor children.

2.2 Customers want to bet the company should be aware that there may be specific laws in the country, place of residence or place your bet bet prohibit the activity and / or gamble online (collectively, the “hit silver “). Customer claims and unconditional certification, can not be changed without any restrictions or limitations on the company that customers will not visit or register on site at any given time:

a. Sector in all jurisdictions prohibit gambling;

b. If the Customer is a citizen of a country that has declared banned its citizens participate in gambling (regardless of their current location); and

c. If the Customer is a citizen or resident of the countries or regions in the following jurisdictions: the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, France, the United States of America, Singapore, Taiwan and the Republic of the Philippines (collectively, the “area within the jurisdiction prohibited”).

2.3 Customer agrees, acceptance, and certification statement unconditionally, can not be changed without any restrictions or limitations on the Company that:

a. The sole responsibility of the customer to ensure compliance with applicable laws of the country or locality prior to registration with the Company and / or placing bets with the company. Customers are encouraged to seek legal advice before registering and / or placing bets with the company to verify that their dealings with the company does not contravene any law in any aspect. The Company does not accept any responsibility for any violation Customers laws applicable national or local. Customers are encouraged to seek legal advice before registering and / or placing bets with the company; and,

b. Customer acknowledges and fully aware that the Company will provide services within the regional jurisdiction and / or country is mentioned first here, legally operating company and is licensed for the provision Service levels mentioned above, due to which the Company holds positions provide regional services in jurisdictions allow legal, licensed and controlled, and the company will try to not to conduct business from the client area within the jurisdiction prohibited, or from areas located within the jurisdiction prohibited.

2.4 Although there is no limitation 2.2 and 2.3, the legal (including individuals, corporations, associations, companies and other legal entities) are resident, settled or business activities, or the direction of the market in the region prohibited jurisdictions can not use any of the services or products provided by the Company at any time in any aspect. Accordingly, Customer represents and unconditional certification, can not be changed without any restrictions or limitations on the Company that:

a. Non-resident clients, settled or business or market oriented areas within the jurisdiction Prohibited; and

b. Customers will not bet from areas within the jurisdiction Prohibited.

2.5 Customer agrees that the use of this website is the sole risk of them, and understand and agree that by using the Site and / or the services provided by the Company, Customer may lost bet and Customer accepts full responsibility for any loss that.

2.6 Customer agrees not to change and declared, unconditional certificate without restriction or limitation to the Company that the Customer shall not represent yourself as an agent or affiliate of the Company that are not prior notice in writing from the Company effective; and more customers will not purchase, advertisement, publication or advertising promotion services for the Company or the Company without prior permission in writing of the Company.

2.7 Customer certifies that the Customer will not try to attack, sabotage, unauthorized changes done for, or offer any kind of malicious code in any website. According to common wisdom, the Customer will not, without limitation, (a) reverse engineering or transformation (in whole or in part) any software available on the website; or (b) perform copy, modify, reproduce, transmit, modify, use or distribute all or any portion of the Site or any material or information contained in the site; or (c) to disclose account information to any third party; or (d) violates any of the provisions set out in this particular, but not limited to Article 6 below; or (e) deception, fraud, misrepresentation or fraud against the Company in any aspect through the use or misuse of the Company’s services or this website. If the Company suspects that the Customer does not comply with the conditions of this clause, the Company shall have the right, next to any other remedy, freeze or suspend the Customer’s account with the Company to proceed further investigation to determine if the Customer does not comply with the conditions of this clause may result in termination of service provided to customers, customer account closure and forfeiture of any right to receive amount of the Customer’s account or not.

2.8 Customers should inform the Company as soon as possible of any errors in payments that customers receive payments or to pay to the Company and any errors contained account information holding company of the Customer Customer to the Company recognizes these errors are resolved in accordance with Article 5.

2.9 Customers will not permit or authorize any person or any other third party (including, without limitation, any minor) to use the Company’s services and use of customer account or accept any amount of any winnings on behalf of clients.

2.10 Customers will immediately report any and all of the winnings to the proper authorities if customers residing in areas within the jurisdiction where the amount of winnings that may be subject to tax or be disclosed as required by law, and the Company will have no liability for failure to perform according to customer reports of any aspect.

3. Account Information and Personal Information

3.1Customers can send money only to the Company through the payment methods accepted before available on the website. To access the betting services of the Company, Customers must first register an account on the Website, then become a Registered Customer.

3.2 Customer agrees to provide the Personal Information relating to the registration of the Company and the Customer’s responsibility to ensure your personal information is updated on the website, especially your name, phone number and payment details / bank (if applicable). Customers must provide accurate information when opening an account. Customer agrees to provide to the Company all documents to verify personal information provided to the Company upon request. Customers authorize the Company to use all lawful measures are considered necessary to verify personal information that customers provide when registering as present (“Personal Information”). Personal information includes all required information from customers, as the company has identified its sole discretion at any time and at any time, to allow proper company identification Customers . When the registration is sent to the Company and the Company approved, customers will be treated as Registered Client (called “Registered Customers”). The company reserves the right to accept or reject customers for any reason. Only Registered Customers can use the service of the company and can only bet up to the limit of their bet or amount per unit of currency is in their account.

3.3 Customers can simply open an account on our website. Company may close any accounts were opened and all remaining funds in the account will be returned to the Customer or the whole of this account can be merged into another company as a joint account to handle, in both cases, at the sole discretion of the Company. Customer agrees that the Company will use any method that is reasonably considered to determine whether there are two or more accounts of the same customer or not.

3.4 As a Registered Customer, Customer will be provided a username and password (the “Account Access Information”) solely by customers themselves use. Customer’s responsibility is to ensure access account information is kept confidential at all times and the Customer will be fully responsible for any misuse and / or unauthorized disclosure of information access account to any third party. Direct customers should immediately notify the company if it detects that the Information Access your account has been publicized, confidential information has been weakened or has been accessed by any third party, and then the Company will provide information access new accounts for customers. Any bets placed or request will be made using the correct online access account information will be considered valid.

3.5 The Company may require the customer to change their password or account access information at any time or company may suspend Customer’s account if the Company has reason to believe that potentially violates Customers security or misuse of the Site. Company information can change access to Customer’s Account prior notice to the Customer in accordance with the decision and certainly the only company.

3.6 To maintain a high level of security to protect customer money, the company can perform random security checks. Accordingly, the Customer accepts that the Company retains the right to request information and / or additional documentation from the customer to verify the customer is the account holder in case of security checks.

3.7 Customers should check their account balance each visit website. In case of any discrepancy in the account balance of the customer, the customer’s responsibility to immediately notify the Company as soon as possible of such disparities and provide the company’s transaction records from the date your account balance is verified customer last. If the Company does not receive any notification of customers of any deviations of this type of account balances of customers during a particular month within any thirty (30) calendar days the last day of the month from above, Customer agrees to bear any loss or misleading the entire amount in the account balances of customers and accept that all information such as customer account status quo at the end of the period I mentioned. and return or retain the balance of the account mentioned above under the sole discretion of the Company and reasonable without further explanation for Customers know. However, in this case the bet amount remaining to be paid on time as long as customers are properly staked in accordance with the terms and conditions.

3.8 Customers can withdraw money from your account as long as their balance has been certified company and follow Instructions withdrawals, if any, have been posted on this web page.

3.9 Customers can cancel your account with the Company at any time by notifying the Company in writing of its intention and by contacting the company through the contact information is available. If the customer decides to cancel the client company must stop using this website immediately. Only after the customer received notification from the Company that their accounts have been canceled, all bets placed or required to be done online with that account will not be considered valid and not before that customers will continue to be legally responsible for any activity until a cancellation notice is received by the Company Account.

3.10 Customer’s responsibility is to maintain positive Customer’s account with the company. In relation to this clause, the Customer must log at least once on the Site and use the services of the company at a later stage (06) months any. If Customer’s account is inactive for the following (06) consecutive months or longer, the company has the right to close customer accounts of the Company and the Customer agrees to forfeit any amounts remaining in the terms and lose all right to complain against the company.

3.11 Company may suspend or cancel the Customer’s account immediately at any time if Customer violates any obligations under these terms and conditions. In the event Customer violates any provision of these terms and conditions of this document, as the Company has determined its sole discretion, the Company has full power and full measures against customers according to the terms and conditions and in accordance with the law, and has the right to retain any amount remaining in the account of the customer as security for the obligations of the following Customer and / or any liability arising from the violation of the terms and conditions stated on the Customer.

4. Accept Terms bet
4.1 Any bid shall be deemed to be placed when customers made ​​online through this website, be deemed to have been placed from Internet Protocol address recorded by the Company in the area of jurisdiction where the Hotel customers accessing the site, and is considered to be acceptable only if the management server’s operating gambling company located in areas located in jurisdictions that accept, and this time the bet was recorded is being accepted by the management server’s operating gambling company located in areas located in that jurisdiction. The company will notify the customer via the website once that bet is accepted and the Company recorded under section above. Activity betting is considered completed when the management server’s operating gambling company located in areas within their jurisdiction to accept and record, and customers are notified of the acceptance of the whole and recorded in accordance with the foregoing terms and conditions.

4.2 When customers bet successfully on the site, they will receive electronic notification (known as notifications), confirming that the Company has accepted and recorded times that bet.

4.3 Any bid will not be considered valid unless transmitted in full, including but not limited to the case when the transmission bet interrupted or disrupted due to technical problems.

4.4 Customers are not allowed to cancel or change the time of your bet once the bet this time has been set and the Company accepts and records, the Company has no obligation to cancel the bet was placed, accepted receive and record valid under the terms and conditions. If customers cancel before confirming the bet, customers should check the betting list (available in the user menu of the website) to ensure no bet. If there is any dispute regarding the bet, the Customer should notify the Company prior to the completion time accepting bets and / or bet before the event occurs. The company will investigate and resolve this dispute accordance rational decisions and unique company.

4.5 All the transactions will be electronic record company for the benefit of customers and the company. When disputes occur where the management of the company can not resolve, the relevant recordings will be used as evidence in a dispute that. Customer and Company agree that these records will prove fundamental in resolving disputes of this kind is true and accurate and is used as a source of last invoked to resolve disputes.

4.6 The Company has the right to suspend or prohibit additional bet on a market at any time without prior notice to the Customer at the sole discretion of the Company, and after market suspended or market access schools are prohibited, any bets placed by Customer’s will also try to enter denied.

4.7 The company reserves the right to refuse any bet any time or times part of any bet without giving explanation to the Customer and / or suspend or close your account at any time for cause account damage or loss to the Customer or the Company in any manner; or in the period of investigation violates these terms and conditions, rules or regulations and security policies; if the company has confirmed that there is a violation of these terms and conditions or if there is a customer complaint.

4.8 The Company does not accept any responsibility for any fault or error of telecommunications equipment prevents bet, bet acceptance, record or notification bet bet valid.

4.9 In all cases, the Company does not assume liability for any damages or losses that are deemed or proven to be caused by or caused by web page or web site content, including (without sex term) delays or disruptions or communication line failure, communications errors, the use or misuse of the site or the content of any web site, or any errors or omissions in any content related content.

4.10 The bets placed will be accepted until the deadline announced (the “Deadline”), for all cases predetermined deadline are considered as part of combination on the terms of reference and conditions and acceptance by customers. If after this deadline, the bet is inadvertently accepted by the time the bet will be considered valid and the Company reserves the right to void bets placed this way.

4.11 The bets placed by credit card or debit card customers will be invalid until the Company (or the Company Authorize Payment Solutions) has received payment in full before any bets placed any Customer’s start, and always adhere to in Article 4.1 above. In case the payment has not come before the customers start betting that bets placed automatically be deemed valid if the customer has with the company bet.

4.12 Customer account must have a positive balance recorded in some extra cash to bet Customers can bet. If not, all bets placed will not be realized.

4.13 The whole betting prices / lines are displayed on the Site are subject to variation but will be fixed at the time the bet, accept and record bets bet under Article 4.2 above. The company reserves the right to change the ratio bet, bet price or any information about the type of bet, betting markets or betting event at any time without prior notice to Customer dinhrieng goods discretion of the Company. The Company has the right, at its sole discretion, invalidate or refuse any bet forge any time at any time or adjust any errors in rate bets, or bet any price any information about the type of bet, the market or event at any time at locations shown due to errors, omissions or confusion caused. The Company will give notice to the website of this type of event.

4.14 Bet the maximum amount that customers can put on the market or any event vary according to type of bet separately and subjected to change without any prior notice at the sole discretion of the Company.

5. transfer and withdrawal Charter
5.1 Regulations on money transfer – For customers who are members: Load minimum 100,000 VND (One hundred nghan contract) for Network Load Xoso889 200,000vnd minimum bet for the other networks Bong88, sbobet, 332bet – Company own policy will apply to customers Dealer. 5.2 Regulation of withdrawals: – For customers who are members of: Minimum Withdrawal 200,000 VND (two hundred thousand) / time, a maximum of 1 day withdrawal Withdrawal maximum (2 ref VND) / day, if customers want to draw more, the Company will transfer the money to you before 16h pm the following day. Withdrawal at Ibet889 customers at no charge. Before withdrawing money you have to bet the minimum amount. For customers Agent Company will adopt their own policies. You withdraw winnings before 11h (When stopped bet), it will be done quickly. Time from 11 to 14h daily tranfer system so every transaction load, withdraw, login, bet, withdrawals … have not done and score in your account is incorrect.[/ toggle]
6.'s Code of Conduct and Company Limited Liability

6.1 Number winnings will be credited to or losing bet amount is reflected Customer’s account after confirming the final result from appropriate sources, adequately (in the case of sports events, the source most likely will be the sports management agency)

6.2 If the amount is credited to or debited from the customer’s account is wrong, the customer is responsible to immediately notify the Company of such errors. Any amount is credited to the Customer due to such errors will be deemed invalid and must be returned to the Company. Amount to be credited to an account in error may not be using customers and the Company reserves the right to void any transactions (including bets placed) related to this amount. Customer agrees to pay to the Company the amount was credited to the wrong account so that customers have withdrawn.

6.3  The Company will not be liable for any errors due to human error or technical fault while printing Posted bet rate and / or mortgage. In case an error occurs, the Company has the right, at its sole discretion, void any bets placed fake at any given time or adjust such errors.

6.4  The Company will not be responsible or liable, in any case, the value of property, contract, tort, negligence or otherwise (or any assumption of the law) for any any damage or loss does not limit whether directly, indirectly or by any natural reason, be deemed or proven to be caused by or caused by site or the content of web pages including but not limited to errors, inaccuracies or the ambiguity in web page or web page content, errors, accidents, delays or disruptions or communication line failure, communications line failure , the use or misuse of the site or the content of any web site, any error or omission in the content, damage due to loss of business, loss of profits, business interruption , loss of business information, or any loss or damage of money or other consequential (even if the Company is notified of Customer possibility of such loss or damage).

6.5 The Company will not be responsible for any breach of the terms and conditions caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control triggers.

6.6  The Company has the right to cancel or site elements of the web page at any time and retain the money that customers have sent to surplus account. The Company will not be liable to Customer for any aspect of the result of this action.

6.7 To ensure common interests and ensure the utility of the service that the company provides for the majority of customers … so in some specific cases, for one of our customers, or customer groups the company will apply its own policies on the basis of getting consensus and cooperation from customers

7. Using the Website
7.1 Unlimited ability to search for alternatives, the Company may limit your ability to use the Customer’s website, suspend or terminate their accounts, invalidate all bets placed, deprived of the right or retain the money in customer accounts, according to the firm decision of the company if the company has reason to believe or suspect that the customer’s dealings with the Company constitute fraudulent activity, criminal activities Justice or related to money laundering. Customer acknowledges that if the use of their website is a violation of any law of any State or local activities related to money laundering or fraud, the Customer may suffer any loss any payment made ​​by the company or the Company and any payments that the Company could be blockaded. To the extent permitted by law, the Company shall not be responsible or liable for any customers for payments of this type and is not responsible or liable for any customer upon request provide information or documents relating to such customers for any statutory public authority concerned in such cases.

7.2 The company reserves the right to void any or all bets placed are made by, and / or withhold payments to be paid to any person, any group or any other entity combined operations or activities as a union in order to deceive the Company, pending the results of the subsequent investigation authorities.

7.3 To the extent permitted by law, the Company shall have the right to void all bets placed, and kept the money seized in the clients account in the event of fraudulent activity or money laundering by customers. Customer agrees to reimburse the Company, management, employees, shareholders, consultants and advisors of the company for the entire loss and damage suffered by the fraud, or the belief that fraud and / or money laundering. To retain, deprivation of the right and complaints of loss and damage will last for the entire relevant customer and / or company-related news that the criminal act and this type of fraud. The Company’s ability to invalidate the suspicious bets placed according to their decisions will only prolong the deadline for notifying the acceptance of bets, after which time the Company will take the right decision unless the reasonable cause to believe that once this is suspicious betting fraud related to money laundering (as described in section 6 of this document) or in violation of the terms and conditions this event.

7.4 “Criminal act” and / or “fraud” will include but not limited to efforts violation of the terms and conditions, rules and regulations, require an account for each player , bet limit, limit your winnings, sabotage, unauthorized use of access account information, or account of a third party, the effort to deceive or overcome existing security mechanisms on page system or network or web of the company, betting software, transfer money illegally, intentionally or knowingly from third-party account or fund is not legal ownership, any act or omission through the use of the Site, use of company services harm the Company or to any third party, personal information is not true, “devaluation”, put cash in sports betting and any actions and / or omissions which the Company has reason considered fraud and / or legal action.

7.5 The Company has the right to refuse or suspend without notice any customers suspected fraud, hack, attack, or harm the normal operation of the betting company (including personal services Internet betting). Any “unusual betting” will be canceled without prior notice, retrieval entire amount remaining in your account. “Using artificial intelligence or” software application “bet is prohibited. Co. will take measures for the prevention and detection programs are used to enable artificial intelligence to use Internet betting services .

8. General rules and specific rules for the event
8.1 Đối với Online Casino, các điều khoản sau sẽ chi phối: 8.1.1″Online Casino” means a system of gambling on the internet on the Company’s website and the services and activities related gambling offered and listed at Ibet889.com, including but not limited to, casino online casino and / or online Congo bin room and / or room to play online poker and / or gambling ongoing cash contributions and / or other gambling games, if any. “Software” means the software is licensed to the Company, including any program or data file or any other content derived there from; This content requires the download (if available), access to, or use by customer from web page to allow customers to participate in the Online Casino;

8.1.2 The company, through this text, give customers individual rights, non-exclusive, non-transferable software to use for the purpose of playing in the Online Casino and other online gambling according to the rules follows: Unauthorized client installation or download of the software on a server other networked device or take other measures to provide software under any form of bulletin board, online service or remote dial-in, or over the network to any other person, sublicense, transfer, lease, loan, transfer or copy (except as expressly provided in other sections of this Agreement) license to use the soft or create or distribute copies of the Software Services, reverse engineer, decompile, separation, modify, create derivative works based on, or say how the software modification, copying or translation of any any user documentation provided ‘online’ or in electronic format, reverse engineer, decompile, separation, modify, adapt, translate, attempt to discover the source code of the Software or to creating derivative works based on the whole or part of the Software, on, or access or attempt to access or otherwise overcome security system or interfere with our in any way (including but not limited to, robots and similar devices) in the Online Casino or the website or attempt to perform any changes to the Software and / or the features or components of the software The customer does not own the software. Software is owned and is the sole property of the licensee, Playtech Software Limited, the company provides third-party software (“Software Provider”). Software and accompanying documentation are licensed to the Company’s products are exclusive registration of Providers and Software are copyright protected worldwide. The use of client software does not grant Customer any ownership of intellectual property rights in the Software. This agreement only applies to the use of software licensing. The software is provided as status quo without any warranty, condition, guarantee or statements, whether express or implied, is binding law or otherwise. We, through this text, eliminating all the terms, conditions, assures the implied (including any possibility of merchantability, satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose specific). We do not guarantee that the software will meet your requirements. Company does not guarantee that the software will not infringe or operation of software will be error free or uninterrupted, or any defects in the software will be corrected or server software or virus infection. In case of communication errors or system failures related to the processing of accounts or other features or components of the software, as well as company software provider will not be liable to you or any any third party for any loss or expense caused by such errors complaint. The company further reserves the right, if such a failure occurs, remove all gambling related software and websites from and implement other measures to rectify the error. Customers through this text confirms that the customer how to use the Software not in control of the Company. Resistance line at your own risk when downloading and using the Software and in any event the Company is not liable to Customer in any damages or losses direct, consequential, incidental or special What of all forms (except personal injury or death due to negligence from our side). Software may include confidential information is considered secret and valuable to the Software Provider and / or company. Customer shall not use or disclose confidential information under the terms of this agreement.

8.1.3 Customer warrants that the Customer Agreement will read the End User License of the Software and will only use the software if the client has understood and agreed to an unconditional and irrevocable with the terms and conditions of License agreement End User and ensure that customers will continue to access and use the Online Casino with conditions if the customer agrees to modify and update the user License agreement End.

8.1.4 Customer agrees to pay the whole of any or all payments owed ​​to us or any third party related to the use of Online Casino. Customer further agrees that Customer will not make any money-back action and / or renounce or cancel or otherwise reverse any payments already due and in that case, the customer refund and compensation to the Company unpaid payments including expenses that the company suffered during the collection of customer payments.

8.1.5 In case of any dispute related to bets or winnings, the decision of Company will be final and binding.

8.1.6 The company reserves the right to withhold any reasonable payments or winnings until the identity of the winner is verified according to our satisfaction in order to ensure that the payment of winnings to be transferred for the right person. For this purpose, the Company further reserves the right, at our own decisions, customers require the Company to provide notarized ID or any ID verification in accordance with applicable law corresponding agency competent.

8.1.7 In case the company found fraud or suspected fraud to the Customer or any Customer’s payment bounces, the Company has the right to withhold payment or any amount won was customers creditors and, if necessary, record according to law any payment that customer owns. If playing in the gambling directly and in all cases of suspected count, the Company further reserves the right to withhold any withdrawal amount from the client account in excess of the initial deposit of customers.

8.1.8 The company reserves the right to withhold or deny or reverse any payment or winnings or amend any policy in the event that we suspect you are trying to misuse or abuse of one of the following : (i) bonuses; (ii) other promotions; or (iii) specific policy or rules can be determined according to the current game or new game.

8.1.9 For gamblers, the ongoing donations, please refer to the terms and conditions of the bet contributes money gambling is going on in the General Rules and Regulations of the bet.


1X2 means betting in any one of three results likely to win in an event. 1 refers to the first named team (usually the home team); X refers to the game with a draw or inconclusive; 2 refers to the group was named Monday (usually the away team).

Is betting predict the final score at the end of the game the whole time ..

Correct Scores to win “5-0 or more” (or 0-5 or above) is selected team must win with a goal difference of 5 or more.

For example:

Results for 0-5 or more – 5: 1, 6: 2 and v … v … (Losing) / 5: 0, 6: 1 and etc .. (Wins)

Results for 5-0 or more – 1: 5, 2: 6 and v … v … (Losing) / 0: 5, 1: 6 and etc .. (Wins)


    • A corner kick is not counted until it has actually been carried out
    • Number of Corners
        • Handicap
            • Handicap means betting on which team will get a corner lot in a match inclusive of any public observance
          • If a match is abandoned then all bets are void
      • Over/Under
          • Bet on the under is a bet on the total number of corner taken by both teams during a match
          • If the total is higher than a corner ratio Over / Under in place, the winning result is Over; If the lower corner, overall ratio Over / Under in place, the winning result is Under
        • If a match is abandoned then all bets are void
    • First Corner
        • Betting on which team will take the first corner in a match
      • If the match is abandoned / stop after the first corner has been taken then all bets are still considered valid. If the match is abandoned / stop before the first corner has been taken then all bets will be canceled
    • Last Corner
        • Betting on which team will take the last corner in a match
      • If a match is abandoned then all bets are void
  • Next Corner
      • Is betting on which team will get the next corner kick in the match
    • Bets will be recognized Invalid if specified corner (though can not be done later)