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1 – Texting take account of the bank for the transaction Casino889.

Message: nganhang send 0812 889 889

Example: you need a bank account number agribank  company to transact

Message:  User agribank send 0812 889 889

2 – Messages created recharge betting account compose:

  Full name – phone number – any deposit – receiver’s account of loading time – online betting  

Example: you name Cong Vinh, phone number 0912345678, load 1 million to the account number 0341000381248 company (at 17:30), create an account bong88

soạn tin:   congvinh 0912345678 mottrieu 0341000381248 17h30 tao bong88 send 0812 889 889

3 – Texting recharge compose betting account:

They refill name -Name posted imported for the red- nap- amount of deposit accounts – accounts of the receiver’s time to load.

Example: The Le Cong Vinh recharge, recharge in betting accounts abc, at 40 dollars, you transfer from your account 0251003267889 five hundred company nghan account number 0341000381248 (at 19h10)

soạn tin:     lecongvinh abc 40 namtram 0251003267889 0341000381248 19h10 send  0834 889 889

4 – Texting withdrawal:

Full name – username – the amount banks need rut- name – number of your bank account.

For example, you name Cong Vinh, to withdraw 10 million from betting account with the username abc123 Vietcombank your account number 0251000344568

Message:   congvinh abc123 rut muoitrieu vietcombank 0251000344568 send 0834 889 889

5 – Texting retrieve account information Betting:

Username – the level-capmatkhau ( If you forgot your password )

caplaithongtintaikhoan – name – phone number to register( If you forget the whole betting account information )

mo-tendangnhap – the level (If the account is locked ) send 0834 889 889

#b7b2b2;”>Note: For faster processing, messaging when you do not get back, 1 to 15 minutes after the company completed processing your request.

* The messaging phone is a phone number registered with Casino889.