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Click on the logo below get betting account, log in, select the appropriate network you prefer to join

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Chat with supporter or send sms to 0844 889 889 get out account to charge

EX: Want to transfer via Vietcombank, send: vietcombank to 0844 889 889

You can charge via ATM, cash, internet banking or SMS

- Charge finish, send a notification SMS:

Your name- The exchange rate point -Username - amount loaded - account number to receive- load time gửi 0844 889 889

Ex: You Cong Vinh name, username abc, Register 40.000VND point conversion at load 1 million in company accounts 0781000261248 time 15h30

Send: cong vinh 40 abc million0781000261248 15h30 to 0844 889 889

- If the transfer internetbanking Your copy of the invoice remittance sent through chat for support staff

- If you send money throughsms Now you can forward messages deduction of bank sends your phone 0844 889 889

*Difficulty at any time you call the switchboard 0844 889 889 for detailed instructions.

STEP 3: WITHDRAWAL FROM betting account

You just have bets (minimum 1 to 3 points) being able to withdraw all the money in the account at any time including weekends and holidays, only 5 minutes after the request, the company has migrated into account cash your bank.

You ordered a withdrawal by texting (from phone numbers registered with the company) syntax:

Name betting account - to withdraw some money - bank account numbers - Transaction name

Ex: You are betting account to withdraw five hundred nghan abc789 account number 0341000567889 Vietcombank account holder Hoang Van Hung compose

abc789 rut (five hundred thousand) 0341000567889 vietcombank hoang van hung.

gửi 0833 889 889

Note:After withdrawal orders please do not contact you again, to receive information department more time to transfer the request to the full room faster processors, money transfer is complete the company will send immediately notify guests row.

*The command withdrawals during the period from 11 to 14h daily have not been made.


  • 1 - Texting take account of the bank for the transaction Casino889.

    Message: nganhang send 0844 889 889

    Example: you need a bank account numberagribank company to transact

    Message:  User agribank send 0844 889 889

  • 2 - Messages created recharge betting account compose:

     Full name - phone number - any deposit - receiver's account of loading time - online betting  

    For example, you name Cong Vinh, phone number 0912345678, load 1 million to the account number 0341000381248 company (at 17:30), create an account ibet888

    soạn tin:   congvinh 0912345678 mottrieu 0341000381248 17h30 tao ibet888 gửi 0844 889 889

  • 3 - Texting recharge compose betting account:

    They refill name -Name posted imported for the red- nap- amount of deposit accounts - accounts of the receiver's time to load.

    Example: The Le Cong Vinh recharge, recharge in betting accounts abc, at 40 dollars, you transfer from your account 0251003267889 five hundred company nghan account number 0341000381248 (at 19h10)

    soạn tin:   lecongvinh abc 40 namtram 0251003267889 0341000381248 19h10 send 0844 889 889

  • 4 - Texting withdrawal:

    Full name - username - the amount banks need rut- name - number of your bank account.

    For example, you name Cong Vinh, to withdraw 10 million from betting account with the username abc123 Vietcombank your account number 0251000344568

    soạn tin:   congvinh abc123 rut muoitrieu vietcombank 0251000344568 send  0844 889 889

  • 5 - Texting retrieve account information Betting:

    Username - the level-capmatkhau( If you forgot your password )

    caplaithongtintaikhoan - name - phone number to register ( If you forget the whole betting account information )

    mo-tendangnhap - the level If the account is locked  send 0844 889 889

    Note: For faster processing, messaging when you do not get back, 1 to 15 minutes after the company completed processing your request.

    * The messaging phone is a phone number registered with Casino889.